What’s On this week in Karachi: 19th – 25th Jan 2018

It’s another vibrant week of events in Karachi with the annual French  Bazaar at the Alliance Francaise by Karachi Accueil on Sunday, exhibitions by Lulusar, Zara Madani jewellery and Printz Charming, an open mic event by Mangobaaz, a couple of Qawwali nights and  more.

French Bazaar at the Alliance Francaise

The annual French Bazaar is this Sunday 21st January 2018 between 4pm to 8 pm. Full of arts and crafts and food stalls, the bazaar is generally a great day out. The organisers say “This year we are bringing this Romantic City PARIS right to your door step ! Full of French charm and Parisian chic will definitely leave our Visitors swooning over the beautiful decorations and delightful French Cuisine! Our Parisian French Bazaar will definitely leave you saying ooh là là! C’est Manifique !

Date: Sunday, January 21st

Venue:  Alliance Francaise

Timings: 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Exhibition by Lulusar

Lulusar is exhibiting at the Deli restaurant this Saturday

Lulusar will be exhibiting their fast fashion in Karachi this Saturday. This online brand is known from their trendy western outfits and this is a great way to see the quality and fit for yourself.

Date: Saturday, January 20th

Venue: THE DELI, C-29/1, Block-4, KDA Scheme 5 Clifton Karachi.

Timings: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Exhibition on Qaid e Azam at TDF Ghar

TDF Ghar is holding an special exhibition giving an up-close look into the personal life of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the influence of three women in his life.  TDF Ghar is a tribute to this city. Under an old almond tree, with views of the Mazar-e-Quaid and original hand-crafted tiles, Hajiani Hanifa Bai’s 1930s home, is an enchanting sanctuary in the heart of old Karachi’s Jamshed Quarters. Restored by the Dawood Foundation, TDF Ghar is a place to reminisce about the glorious history of Karachi, its citizens and its welcoming nature. The home retains its heritage features, but has been transformed into a public space, to re-live the true spirit of residents of this old cosmopolitan city, when it was truly a city of lights, of wide leafy boulevards, of opportunity, of discourse, of harmonious co-existence, where tolerance was prevalent. Seeing TDF Ghar at twilight, makes for a magical evening with views of the Bagh-e-Mazar e Quaid.


Date: January 16th – 29th 2018

Venue: TDF Ghar

Timings: 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm


Exhibition by Printz Charming

Dress up your beds with Printz Charming Home

Printz Charming Home will be exhibiting their elaborate range of Bridal and Daily Bedlinen ,along with Tableware,Towels, Cushions , Throws & Home Accessories, along with contemporary Pieces of Semi precious Jewellery from the HOUSE OF BB by Bisma

Date: Saturday, January 20th

Venue: IRISH NIGHT, D-151 behind B B Q Tonight block 5 clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

Timings: 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Posters for Tomorrow’s ‘Freedom of Movement: 100 Posters For a Better World’ exhibition

Poster Exhibition at T2F

Head to the Faraar Gallery at T2F from Thursday, January 18th to Saturday, January 20th  for a thought-provoking exhibition where creativity meets conversation – Posters for Tomorrow’s ‘Freedom of Movement: 100 Posters For a Better World’ exhibition, co-ordinated by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

Understanding that we are all part of a world where boundaries are becoming less and less meaningful, Freedom of Movement explores how, now more than ever, we are one people. No matter where we live, we are all equally powerless in the face of war or environmental disaster. In response to the construction of a violent rhetoric of hatred and fear enforced by electorates in the Western World voting to close borders and build walls, Freedom of Movement refocuses the debate about immigration to what lies at its heart: people.

Posters for Tomorrow:
A network of more that 30,000 people that have organized more than 1,000 exhibitions across the world, Posters for Tomorrow operate under a central understanding – that a poster, a simple, arresting image combined by a powerful piece of text, can be a force for change. Be it stuck up on a wall or uploaded on the Internet, a poster can make somebody sit up and take notice of an injustice and inspire them to take action.

Date: Thursday, January 18th – Saturday January 20th 2018
Time: noon-10pm
Place: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F)
Entry: Free, donations appreciated

Qavvaali evening at T2F

Ustad Manzoor Niazi of the Dehli Bachcha Gharana came to Pakistan and started his Qavvaali group here. He was joined by his cousins Ustad Bahaduddin, Ustad Iftikhar Nizami, and later by Munshi Raziuddudin. The group has spread a lot, with each Qavvaal and their children forming separate groups.

Habib Niazi is the grandson of Manzoor Niazi and will perform an evening of Qavvaalis that his grandfather was known for. His renditions are remarkably like the great Ustad

Date: Friday, 19th December 2018
Time: 8:00-10:00pm
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs500

Watercolor Exhibit by Rauf Musani

Inspired by the landscape of Dhaka, urban cityscapes and old buildings of Karachi, Dr Rauf Musani – who grew up in both cities – did not begin his journey in life as an artist despite his childhood passion for drawing, sketching and painting. Persuaded by his parents to study medicine, his pursuit of art took a backseat as he went on to graduate from DOW in 1983 and trained Ireland as an anaesthetist for many years.

Finally ready to reignite his childhood dreams, over the last ten years, Dr Rauf Musani has started to pursue his true passion for art – particularly in watercolor paintings. His present work, a collection of 16 paintings in watercolours, depicts his travels to countries like France, Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal through the vibrant hues of the landscapes that inspired his art from the very beginning. Through the careful mixture of colourful pigments, Dr Rauf Musani depicts the alluring imagery of landscapes across the world. From subtleties in light and dark and Spring and Summer, each painting shares a different perspective of how the glorious hues of the landscape can transport us from city to city.

Proceeds from Urban Hues: A Watercolor Exhibit by Rauf Musani will support various charitable organisations.

[Opening ceremony]
Date: Monday, 22nd January 2018
Time: 5:00-8:00pm
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free, donations appreciated

Date: Monday 22nd January 2018 – Thursday, 25th January 2018
Time: noon-10pm
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free, donations appreciated

Jewellery exhibition by Zara Madani

Born in an aristocratic family hailing from Bhopal,India, Zara Madani is an extremely talented singer. She has represented Pakistan in the SAARC awards and won the Bronze and Silver medals.Zara is also the recipient and winner of several awards for singing and reciting Qirat and Naat having been tutored by talented ustads in the erstwhile state of Bhopal, the home to some exceptional talent in the sub-continent.Zara’s vocal rendering has also been featured in Shoaib Mansoor’s film “Khuda Ke Liye “. Her many faceted talents have been seen as a performer and as the Assistant Producer of Season 6 Coke Studio.

Zara has now turned her talent towards the designing and crafting unique jewellery – each piece is a song, each piece a lyric , and like music from the distant past, Zara’s jewellery takes you into a world of Far Away and Long Ago ! Like her music and songs, her jewellery is an Aria, a Symphony, a Poem of unrequited love – yearning to be worn !

Specializing in semi-precious and precious stones that whisper in settings of silver and gold the jewellery is unique that it can be fashioned and custom crafted to suit an individual’s specific style and taste.

Whether it be a ruby choker or an emerald studded Karra, each piece makes a statement , each piece recalls an emotion, each piece hums a melody , the likes of which have never been seen or heard before !

Zara’s Jewellery is an enigma , a mystery ,– A Raaz !

Date: 19th – 26th January

Venue: Studio Seven, F42/1, E street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan-75600

Qawwali night with Sohaib Abrari

Sohail Abrari will be performing at the The Grid this Saturday night – head on over for some great Qawalis.

Date: Saturday 20th January

Venue: The Grid, 31-C, 7th Lane, Bukhari Comm. Area, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Time: 9 p.m.

Open Mic night by MangoBaaz

So you’ve got the talent? We’ve got the platform! Join us for our first Open Mic Night in Karachi this Sunday. 5-7 min slots available per group.

Follow the link https://goo.gl/forms/W5dUb4fOU3DdJDVg2 to pre-register, or show up early to register on spot!

For questions and queries, contact us on [email protected]

Date: Sunday, January 21st

Venue:  The Grid, 31-C, 7th Lane, Bukhari Comm. Area, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Timings: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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