Monday, December 11, 2023

Workouts to Beat the Post Ramzan Slump

Despite the fact that we all made resolutions to stay away from the pakoras and the samosas this Ramzan, there were moments to weakness. After gorging on all the extravagant Eid meals, its time to get back into routine and hit the gym. Although the idea of slugging on the dreaded treadmill/elliptical machine seems rather dull and demotivated,  we at Karachista found some fun, new workout programs happening in Karachi to add some spice to your exercise regimen.


The Pilatez Lab

The Pilatez Lab is Karachi’s first comprehensive studio with all the necessary equipment. This studio was started off by Sania M. Shiekh who offers classes spanning Motr Pilates (a more cardio intensive Pilates practice) to Reformer Pilates. The Pilatez Lab is the only place in Karachi to incorporate Reformers in their workout regimens. Although just the sight of the Reformer looks daunting, many models and celebrities across the world swear by it. Its definitely worth a try!

Contact The Pilates Lab via facebook @thepilatezlab

Anti Cupcake Society Fitness

The Anti Cupcake Society is a fitness camp which is structured as bootcamp with the incorporation of different types of workouts. The Anti Cupcake society is run by Amal Sarwar in Karachi and boasts fun taglines and plenty of discounts.

For more information check out their facebook page, or contact: 0307 2658536 to book your slot for their next bootcamp!

FZM Boutique Fitness

FZM Boutique Fitness is one of the pioneers in the fitness industry in Karachi. They offer new and innovative workout techniques e.g. hoop and aerial fitness and silk suspension- this would definitely be an excellent break for those dealing with a workout rut. Their Zumba classes are fun and a great way to get your cardio dose.

For further information and booking contact:  0306 2521588.

MUV Base

MUV Base is an excellent platform to seek ways to change up your workout. They offer a host of different classes from Aerial and Chair Yoga to Kick-boxing, HIIT and sculpting centric classes. The best part is that they have a range of different types of classes and so you can experiment and see what works best for you.

For further information check out their facebook page @muvbase and see their full schedule, or contact: 0345 8885080



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