Yoga, Zumba, Boot Camp – Which one’s for you?

Made the decision to get fit but don’t know where to start? With different fitness classes to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Yoga, pilates, zumba, boot camp, TRX, aerobics – there is something for everyone.

yoga, boot camp, zumba workout

The fitness favourites, more or less, happen to be yoga, zumba and boot camp. Here’s what you need to know when deciding which class to sign up for.


yoga relaxation

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to tone your body, yoga may be it. With a large emphasis on rhythmic breathing, it is a great way to destress your mind. Different yoga positions help build physical strength, flexibility and posture. If your routine activity level is sedentary, it would be a good idea to start with hatha yoga and later move to power yoga. Hatha yoga focuses largely on breathing and creating balance within the mind and body through different ‘asanas’ or postures. You don’t need to be flexible to start yoga, the practice itself will help in coordination and agility. In power yoga, however, be prepared to work up a sweat.

yoga positions

Quick tip: Don’t practice yoga on a full stomach. Yoga requires many twists and turns which could be uncomfortable if your last meal hasn’t fully digested. Have a light snack before if you must, but finish your proper meal two hours before class.

What you’ll need? A yoga mat (though some classes offer them), small bottle of water and a face towel. No need for sneakers, yoga practice is bare-feet.

Looking for a yoga class? Try Studio X or the famed AQ power yoga.


zumba dance workout

‘Ditch the workout, join the party’- Zumba is about getting in shape without making it seem like a chore.  An exciting way to get fit, Zumba is for you if you dislike the seriousness attached to exercise. Let loose, have fun and dance your heart out to upbeat songs. It involves low and high intensity workouts that combine cardio and muscle conditioning. Add music and a fun instructor, and you’ll shed pounds as you dance the hour away. It’s effective and suitable for everyone.

zumba dance workout

Quick tip: Let the instructor know it’s your first day at class so that he/she can guide you better with the movements.

What you’ll need? Comfortable workout attire and training shoes, water bottle and face towel.

Want to join Zumba? Zumba training is available at Samz Studio.

Boot Camp

boot camp fitness

Boot camp is a high intensity fitness regime that aims for a total body workout. If you’re looking for a reality check, boot camp is for you. It will help kick the laziness out of you by motivating you to push yourself harder with every crunch. Expect circuit training of exercises that will work each body part – lunges, squats, push ups, crunches etc. With limited resting time in between exercises, it builds up your heart rate to burn calories faster. Having previous exercise history is definitely a plus. You’re bound to finish the program with dropping more than a few pounds and making new friends that went through hell and back with you.

boot camp fitness

Quick tip: A five minute warm up stretch would help prep you for class. At any point during the class, if you do not feel well, step out and take a break.

What you’ll need? Comfortable workout clothes and training shoes, a face towel, a large water bottle and a lot of energy – so a carb-snack two hours before class would be a good idea.

Looking to start boot camp? The new fitness joint, The Health Act, has a great boot camp program.

If you aren’t comfortable with scheduled fitness classes and programs, try joining a gym and creating your own workout regime. You know yourself best- so alter your workouts at the gym as you see fit, trying to push yourself harder every time. Click here to view the best gyms in Karachi.

gym workout

Whichever exercise you choose for yourself, remember that for best results, exercise needs to go hand in hand with diet and nutrition.

diet and nutrition for healthy living

By Manaal Khalid

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