Thursday, June 8, 2023

Zuria Dor’s Centre of Gravity at FPW 2019

Zuria Dor’s showcased collection at FPW 2019 was a representation of women and their strength as the ‘Centre of Gravity’. The 18-piece collection was divided into nine modern pieces that were showcased in Paris, as well as nine regional pieces that defined Pakistani craft, artistry of Pakistani couture and exquisite Pakistani craftsmanship. The collection pieces were crafted with great precision and thought, with a mix of edgy silhouettes, bold cuts, worked with delicate patterns, floral and geometric design elements intricately hand-crafted on rich, luxe fabrics. The crisp whites contrasted with navy blues and mint greens dominated the modern pieces, giving them a very “clean and breezy” feel. The regional, heavily-worked traditional elements of the collection involved flowing, feminine silhouettes with an array of pastel colours like lemon yellows, pale blues, dusky pinks and mellow oranges coming into play.

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